Happy Birthday to Me

So today I woke up with glee “It’s my birthday!!” but that only lasted for literally 6 seconds because I then realized “Ugh, it’s my birthday…” I have officially crossed over the 25 mark, to … OLD! I will never have my young 20’s back, and sadly I wasted them a bit, so today is kind of a sad day for me. Oh well, now that I’m officially an adult, I suppose I should start acting like one!


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Warm and Fuzzy

Not sure what I want to say with this picture, but it connected with me on a warm and fuzzy level. It’s a very “Stacy” type of picture!

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“Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”
Barbara Johnson
Hmm this force field might help too!

So for about a month now I have been waiting for a special letter in the mail. It was an admissions decision on whether or not I would get into a Master’s program in L.A. for Educational Counseling. I was so excited! I had finally gone against all reason and doubt, and done what I wanted to do! I was ready to go! Move me tomorrow, I will take my pillow and toothbrush and be content! But it didn’t work out like that. I waited…

And waited…

And then my head started hurting, ugh. Oh owe! It really hurt, and would not get better, dang stress! I felt like a big fat cat had been sitting on my head for a month, quite content to let me suffer.

Then my vision went all funky!

So I went to the doctor and got an MRI. Turned out it wasn’t a cat, it was a neurological disorder: Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
(if you want to know what it is, Google it!)

The doc gave me these great happy pills, and I can now see and my head doesn’t hurt any more!

I also got my letter (turned out to be an email) and was accepted in the great and wonderful school of Azusa!

But it took time.
And I didn’t like it!
But I had a friend.

This last month has been tough, and my constant companion, like that fat cat, has been Patience. She (yes, I’m calling Patience a She) has been with me for over a month, calming me and soothing me, controlling my crazy Stacy attacks. She was a good friend, even though she was heavy on my mind, she helped me maintain my sanity.

Patience is a virtue… and a counselor, a companion, a friend, and protector!

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A corny “hello blog world” poem!

A Blog?

A Blog?

What Shall I do with a Blog?

Write a Rhythm

a poem, a rhyme

Post corny, adorable pics of my dog?

A Blog

A Blog

What Shall I do with a Blog…

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